1999-2001 Jim McMichael Signs Restores a Piece of History displayed at Dollywood!

IMG_0091Jim’s one stop shop completes HUGE Restoration job on 1939 Blackwood Brothers Bus for Hall of Fame and Museum!


Jim’s talents in the sign, body shop repair, and vehicle graphics industry were larger than life!  He took on a massive project to restore the Blackwood Brothers bus. It was a 1939 Aerocoach that was going to be displayed in the SGMA Hall of Fame & Museum at Dollywood.

It was a time consuming project as Jim had to start basically from the beginning and strip the bus down to the frame just to start the job. The end result, however, brought tears to the eyes of the ones who recruited Jim for the job!IMG_0092

So, next time your looking into music history don’t forget to check out this amazing work of art!


There was just no stopping Jim’s success and customers were constantly singing Jim’s praises!