1995-1998 Large Paint Booth added for Vehicle Graphic Specialist!

Jim McMichael Signs & Truck Painting was an one-stop shop where anything could be done from Vehicle Graphics, Illuminated Signs, Banners, Decals and Body Shop work!

With all the different specialties that Jim’s shop offered, and all the business, it was time to add a LARGE paint booth. In 1996 Jim added on a 16′ x 60′ paint booth so he could have more room to service body shop work.

During this time, Jim also added on some several key employees. One of them being his daughter, Kelly, who is currenKellytly the office manager.

In addition to his daughter, Erick Beal, a welder who works on the larger signs, and Robby Martin, who works in the body shop, started working for Jim. They are all still with the company today.




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Jim McMichael Signs & Truck Painting was widely known in the area and in the spring of 1998 Cityview published an article about the business.




IMG_0089Jim was HUGE on customer satisfaction so receiving positive feedback from customers was always an added bonus to his job!