1984-1987 Pigeon Forge Trolley’s hand painted by Jim McMichael Signs!

IMG_0081 Jim’s business just kept on growing once he moved into his new shop!

Around this time, Jim started working on the well-known Pigeon Forge Trolley’s. The vehicle graphics for these trolley’s are actually hand painted on. Jim has maintained painting the trolley’s throughout the years and still continues to do so today.



Along with the trolley’s, Jim McMichael Signs started doing work for the well known Ruby Tuesday. Over the years, 1,000’s of  signs have been produced for their various locations.



Another well known name is Tellico Village. Before they had even broken ground for the new subdivision back in 1986, Jim had produced their 1st sign!


With all the new business coming in and things continuing to pick up,  Jim continued to hire new employees and one of the employees he hired was Clayton McKinney. Clayton was straight out of high school and he is still an employee today!