1978-1982 More space needed for growing graphics specialist!

3.18.14 0053.18.14 019 For about 5 years, the one bay building and shop for Jim McMichael Signs was sufficient, but it was time for an upgrade!

In 1978 Jim McMichael realized that while he was living the dream, he was going to need more space to keep his dream alive, so he moved into another location that had an additional bay so that he now had two.

While it was great having more room, space was a little tight and Jim learned real quick how to jackknife big trailers into the bays! It was not an easy task but with lots of practice he became a pro!

In 3.18.14 0141982 Jim hired on Darryl “Flash” Frazier, who is still with the company today after an amazing 32 years!