1967-1969 Jim McMichael Signs continues truck lettering work!

IMG_00733.18.14 0115 years later after working out of the trunk of his car, Jim expanded to the basement of his home.


With a toddler in tow, Jim decided it was time for an upgrade and added a basement on so that the business could flourish and Jim and his wife Shirley, could have some space to use as an office. Shirley was his biggest supporter from the beginning and managed all the bookkeeping work.

IMG_0069          Seeing how Jim was a very creative man, evident by his graphic design work for vehicles, and ability to hand paint his graphics, he also came up with a phone system for his “new shop”. Whenever the phone would be for his wife he would hit the ceiling with a broomstick, signaling her. In turn, if it was for Jim, she would stomp the floor so that he would hear it in the basement.

     INNOVATIVE & CREATIVE!  That was Jim!